Technical and rebreather diving in Sharm – happening now!

What are we doing right now?

Cover for Circle Divers Tec and CCR in Sharm El Sheikh
Circle Divers Tec and CCR in Sharm El Sheikh

Circle Divers Tec and CCR in Sharm El Sheikh

Join us at Circle Divers in Sharm El Sheikh. The home of Tec and CCR diving – Closed Circuit Rebreat

The Wagner Cave Project

In early 2015, two CCR divers (Andy Auckland and Andrey Galperin) made a great discovery. This promised to be one of the most interesting diving discoveries in recent times. Wagner Cave in the Straits of Tiran. The location of the entrance to this cave is kept a closely guarded secret. At least until the extensive system can be completely and safely mapped. However, as a teaser around 85 metres there’s an easy entrance. This gives way to a sloping hall with a high ceiling, and excellent preserved fossils on both walls. To date, we’ve mapped to a depth of 135 metres, but more awaits.

The Press Release from 2015 reads as follows. “A pristine Deep Seawater Cave has recently been discovered in the Straits of Tiran. As far as the exploratory team are aware, no divers have previously visited this Cave system. The Cave system begins at a large entrance in 88m of water. It has so far been dived to 125m with the likelihood of an extensive cave system beyond. The site is particularly of interest due to untouched geological formations within the cave. Also, the photogenic nature of the cave layout is very attractive. Deep Seawater Caves are a subject of very high interest. This is due to the ‘cutting edge’ exploration techniques required to visit the sites. You truly have the feeling of real adventurers unearthing true virgin territory“.

To be continued…

Circle Divers Tec and CCR explore uncharted realms on a visit to Wagner Cave, through the Tannhauser Gate, to depths exceeding 135 metres

How can you help?

It’s easy to get involved. Internet research costs only your time – help us to find out more about the places that interest us all.

Suitably qualified Expedition level divers are welcome to accompany the Team on adventures expanding the knowledge and experience we’ve built up over the years working on these projects of passion!

If you don’t have the qualifications or the experience…. WHY NOT?

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The ‘Secret Wrecks’ of the Red Sea

Sherif’s brainchild, the Secret Wrecks of the Red Sea is a plan to prove (or dispel) myths surrounding some of the more famous (or imfamous) wrecks – to verify existence, or to disprove reports on the existence of wrecks within the Gulf of Aqaba. On a preliminary trip in 2015, Andy and Moe located a bow section of wreckage which had not previously been reported and is not known to dive guides locally.

The Woodhouse Caves Projects

Sherif continues to work on extending the penetrations in White Lady and White Angel Cave systems on Woodhouse Reef.