Cave Diving in Sharm Videos

Tec Diving Videos – Exceptional Tec and CCR Cave Diving in Sharm

Wagner Cave – Tiran

Firstly, let’s kick off with some little-known cave diving in Sharm El Sheikh. We discovered the crack a few years ago, and since then, Circle Divers Tec and CCR have begun to explore the uncharted realms of Wagner Cave. Initially, we pass through the Tannhauser Gate. We then descend to depths exceeding 135 metres. Finally, we turn to make the long ascent to the cave’s exit. Most importantly, decompression can be made on the pristine reef systems in Tiran. Until now, we’ve yet to reach the end of this little-known cave system! The location of this cave system remains a closely guarded secret.

White Lady Cave

Now, lets take a trip to White Lady cave at Woodhouse Reef in the Strait of Tiran. Circle Divers Tec and CCR explore a dark wonderland below recreational diving limits. The cave extends well into the reef, with many passages and chambers to explore! Cave diving in Sharm really can be quite exceptional.

Reef silence

In the meantime, let’s move onto the majestic coral formations of the Red Sea. Circle Divers Tec and CCR take some time out to enjoy the reefs around Ras Mohamed Marine Park. As well as turtles, sharks and rays are regularly spotted. For recreational dives, go to Circle Divers and check out the single-tank options!

Million Hope Wreck

When we think of famous Red Sea Wrecks, the Thistlegorm immediately springs to mind. How many people realise that the largest Red Sea wreck actually lies just a few miles North of Sharm El Sheikh? As a consequence of the close proximity, we can regularly organise trips to the Million Hope Wreck. There are two ways to make the trip. The first is made by truck, with a fast zodiac ride to give maximum time on the wreck. Secondly, we use one of the spacious day boats to make a comfortable ride over from Tiran.

White Angel Cave

White Angel Cave – smooth walls… almost man-made, opposite rows of tiny ridges, each full of fine dust, looking like an immense Balinese rice field. We’re the only technical centre in the area making regular exploration of the White Angel Cave system.

5 days – 5 caves

Some weeks are just too good to be true. When we have a little free time and the right divers! This video illustrates that a team of highly experienced CCR Cave divers is the perfect recipe for discovery. If we have 5 days, then it’s possible to visit 5 Caves. In short… priceless experiences in places few have visited before!

Dahab Days

Sharm or Dahab – there’s opportunities for some amazing diving. November 2016 gave us a chance to visit friends in Dahab for some shallow water skill dives and some exploration trimix diving too.

White Angel – ‘Just The Caves’

First in a planned series of videos focusing on Caves in the Sharm El Sheikh area. Quiet times gave us the chance to line out a little further in the White Angel tunnel complex. We briefly paused as we passed through the lined passages before reeling out into the unknown.

When you have the chance for some exceptional cave diving in Sharm, you realise that there is so much more to our technical playground. Some of these cave systems can be extremely challenging. As a consequence, cave divers need appropriate experience and training before attempting to explore beyond Sharm’s pristine coral reefs.

If cave diving is not for you, then we have so much more to offer. Earlier, we mentioned caves, wrecks and reefs. It’s often easy to miss some of the more ‘obvious’ tech diving sites. To illustrate this – why not take a look at some other ‘famous’ technical diving options – just the Canyons… Firstly, there is Thomas Canyon. Next on the list, Woodhouse Canyon. After that – perhaps Eel Garden Canyon (an extremely pretty and seldom visited option). Finally – ‘Tiny Canyon’ at Jackfish Alley!

In conclusion – Sharm is the ideal location for all kinds of technical and CCR diving activites!

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